My 1st Series: “Celestial Fantasies”

More and more, I’m seeing and hearing of artists creating, series, and decided I’ll give it another try. I actually tried one about 2yrs ago, but it didn’t go so well. So I’m introducing my first, official series… “Celestial Fantasies”. The idea came from my natural love for Sci-Fi, and most things involving the voids of space. I also wanted to do this series because I don’t see a lot of artists creating ‘spacescapes’, therefore, I thought it would be fitting for my first series.

Celestial Fantasies will be a Sci-Fi-based series entailing fantastical, planetary spacescapes. I started preparing for the series with several, rough draft pencil sketches of ideas for each piece. The rough drafts will serve as my reference photos and give me a better sense of direction with each work. I’m hoping to have at least 5 pieces to this series on 16×20 or 18×24 stretched canvas and each piece will be done with Acrylic paints. An entire set of 5, 16×20 pieces will be priced between $600 – $800 and will be available for purchase right here on F. Kenneth Art!


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