“Mind’s Eye” – The 4th Installment

Hello again everyone! The title says it all! “Mind’s Eye” is the 4th and most recent installment of my sci-fi series, “Celestial Fantasies”. This one originally started as a light pencil sketch and when I saw how just adding a simple little human silhouette could really put things in perspective, I knew it had to my next piece! This 16×20 acrylic work also gave me the concept for my next series which will be titled, ‘Less Is More’–that’s all I’m gonna say about that one for now! Lol! So, getting back to “Mind’s Eye”…I love the small palette, I love how the simplicity of “Mind’s Eye” also adds complexity to it, I love the contrast, the depth perception, and how the piece makes you think!

What does “Mind’s Eye” make you think of? Share your thoughts in the comments!

On another note… I also need ideas for the 5th and possibly final piece of this series– Comment below!

Thanks for stopping by!

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