News Update #214

Sorry it’s been a while guys, but a lot has been going on. With that in mind, I want bring you all up to speed so I can get back to posting regularly and get back to checking out your posts as well.

  • I’m in the process of leaving Redbubble & need a new site for my merch
  • I’ve been accepted into Blick’s Affiliate Marketing Program!
  • I have 4 new YouTube videos. Check them out! Please Sub My YouTube! Thanks!
  • I have a ton more videos on the way
  • I’ve began accepting portrait commissions
  • I also manage another WP site… Please follow!

So yeah, my plate’s full and I didn’t even mention all the day-to-day stuff of normal life like work, playing Skyrim (don’t act like you don’t play it too!), or managing the rest of my social media sites, groups, profiles, etc… while working on new art. But this site is always at the top of my list of priorities, so don’t go anywhere & please follow! Thanks & see you soon!

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