F. Kenneth Art Selected For “Balm” Exhibit

MK Stallings, the owner of Urb Arts Gallery here in St. Louis, MO personally invited F. Kenneth Art to have several paintings displayed for the “Balm” Exhibit taking place Friday, March 19th, 2021. This will be F. Kenneth Art’s second time having work displayed during an exhibit at Urb Arts. “Balm” focuses on how art is capable of healing and will be curated by Billy Williams. The pieces being displayed are pictured below.

  • Top – “Sands Of Time” (18×24 – Acrylics)
  • Bot. Lf – “Kemet Warriors” (18×24 – Acrylics)
  • Bot. Ctr. – “Still Standing” (16×20 – Acrylics)
  • Bot. Rt. – “Elders Of The Motherland” (11×14 – Acrylics)

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