A Day In The Life Of An Aspiring Artist

So you want to be a FT artist, huh? Me too, but are you truly ready for the workload and dedication it takes? In this post, I’m going to share what an average day for me is like. I won’t even include working my regular FT job or making time for family… I’ll just stick to art-related things.

Wake up @ 7:15am, make breakfast & coffee

I love omelets, and I like trying out new ideas with different, but healthy ingredients, as I am trying to lose weight.

Study Other YouTube Artists @ 8a – 9a

While I’m eating breakfast & letting my food digest, I usually watch tutorials and videos by other YouTube artists in my fields to learn new techniques, as well as more of the business side of being an artist. Some of my favorites are; Joni Young, David Finch, Jazza, Ellen Brenneman, SLEW & more!

Approx. 10a – 11a Go to the track

I did say I was trying to lose weight, right? So yeah, I hit the track (walking, lol!) as much as I can & sometimes I’m lucky enough to have mom come along and keep me company! Lol!

Check SM Sites, Make Posts & Share @ 11a-2p (or later)

I’m constantly checking my social media sites and emails all day long. I have 5 or more FB pages and I’m in at least 20 FB groups, I’m also on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and of course WordPress! I have an online shops with Redbubble (merch) and ArtPal (prints), that I have to manage, and I’m currently working on a Patreon Page, I have a fundraiser on GoGetFunding, then I have my PayPal account, which is where I collect a majority of payments from customers.

Take A Break & Play Skyrim @ 2p-3.30p

Yes, I’m a Skyrim fan! So when I get frustrated with something and feel like I need to step away and take my mind off of painting or sketching, I turn on the PS3 on jump on Skyrim!

Check My Drawing/Work Table & Get To Work! @ 3.30p-8p/9p

My drawing table is probably the heart of my workspace. It’s not only my primary space to work at, but I also use it to keep track of current projects, commissions, etc… It really helps me to visually see what I need to do or work on, so it tends to get a little crowded at times, but I fully understand it! Lol!

Edit And/Or Post YouTube Videos @ 8/9p-11p/12a (or later)

Because of my YouTube channel, I spend a lot of time making and editing videos, which is also a very time-consuming task within itself. It can take several hours to edit & upload videos.

Okay, so that’s the gist of what an average day looks like for me as I continue to strive to become a FT, independent artist. As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I did not included spending time with family, as well as preparing for art shows and/or events, cold calling coffee shops/networking, preparing commissions for shipping, or Zoom meetings. As you can see, you can’t simply “create art” to become a FT artist & anyone who says that is dead wrong. I’ve learned through trial & error, if you have to put as much, if not more emphasis on the business side of art as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

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