COMING SOON!: Kids Art Lessons On Patreon

As a kid, me and my siblings, especially my younger brother, as well as many of our friends, were always drawing. I grew up watching my father paint and sketch. With today’s technology and digital age, today’s kids has seemingly gotten away from art. By working with my nephews and youngest daughter, I found that once introduced with a hands-on approach, today’s kids can become very interested in art.

I not only found joy in watching them learn and create, but also discovered I enjoyed teaching them, which prompted me to find a way to expand upon this. Initially, I wanted the classes to be in-person, but after being rejected by so many venues, I realized I needed my own space, but I would have to work to obtain that, so I thought bringing the lessons to Patreon would be the best way to get started.

Click the link below for more details about the classes, and contact me afterwards if you’ll be interested in enrolling your kid(s). I’m still creating lessons and working out some details, so it’ll be a while before lessons are actually posted to Patreon.


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