About F. Kenneth Art

Welcome to the official website of F. Kenneth's Art (formerly, Some'n Unique Magazine). You already know F. Kenneth Taylor as the former Owner/Creator of Some'n Unique Magazine LLC, and you know him as a Self-Published Author of 8 books, and Poet, but many of you do not know him as an artist. Artistic ability runs deep in F. Kenneth's family, and has always remained his first, true passion. Primarily working with Acrylics, F. Kenneth is definitely a rising artist. In Jan. 2019, he held his first Artist Exhibition in Clayton, MO. Months later, he began accepting Commissioned Work, and currently he's scheduled to be a vendor at the 6th Annual St. LAAAFAB Art Festival in July and The 2019 Let Them Eat Art Festival in August. F. Kenneth focuses on Landscapes, Abstracts, and most recently, Portraits. Additionally, he's one of several hand-picked artists who will have their work on at Urb Arts for the 2-week, ABSTRACT EXHIBIT in Aug.

F. Kenneth: Aspiring Artist

F. Kenneth ~ Visual Artist


Before he became a sp author of 9 books; a poet/spoken-word artist, freelance writer, and the former creator/owner of some’n unique magazine; F. Kenneth’s first love and passion was art. art has been a part of his life since childhood. Deeply inspired by his late father, who was also an amazing artist, many of F. Kenneth’s artistic abilities are hereditary and while he’ll tell you his best work is done with a pencil; F. Kenneth is an intermediate level Acrylic Landscape and Abstract Artist.


In Jan. 2019, he completed his first live demo during his first artist exhibition. F. Kenneth was 1 of 7 hand-chosen artists to have their work displayed in The 2019 ABSTRACT Pop-up Exhibition at St. Louis’s, Urb Arts Gallery. He has participated in the 2018 and 2019 St. Louis African-American Arts Festival & Bizarre (St. LAAAFAB) and The 2018 and 2019 Let Them Eat Art Festival in Maplewood, MO. F. Kenneth Designed the cover, and illustrated the primary character of the children’s book, “Glitter Girl,” written by Twyla Starr. He also created many character sketches for the Shadow Within A City Book Series he co-authored with K.G Bethlehem. He is currently Developing character sketches and illustrations for a forthcoming children’s book written by a fellow poet.

F. Kenneth now works to become a successful, independent artist.